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Why Do More And More Men Want Plastic Surgery?

In recent years, the number of male patients in plastic surgeons’ offices has grown by 30%. What they seek most is to define abdomen, rhinoplasty, and remove wrinkles—male vanity without prejudice.

More and more men are undergoing plastic surgeries. Figures revealed this year revealed that since 2000 the number of male patients seeking to improve their appearance has grown by 30%.

You could blame the selfie culture, superhero movies, or just the increase in vanity, but what’s real is that more and more men are undergoing plastic surgery to change their faces and bodies.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, last year, 1.3 million men underwent plastic procedures, a 29% increase from 2000.

The trend reveals that men are not immune to social pressure to look good, and today there is less taboo surrounding male plastic surgery.

In today’s society, staying young is of great importance. Therefore, men of all ages and classes consult the plastic surgeon for plastic reasons.

After 45 years, it is widely seen that men want to improve their facial rejuvenation, especially due to the wrinkles on the forehead, cheeks, dewlap, and neck; They also want to improve the abdomen.

Do social networks influence?

There is an increase in men’s concern about their appearance due to the pressure generated by the culture of social networks.

But is there a normalization and acceptance today for men to have surgery just because they want to look better?

Some men need plastic surgery due to a health condition, but they do not consult for two reasons: the first, for disinformation, because they do not know who to go to or what specialist will guarantee a good procedure. Many are afraid of looking ‘artificial’ or unmanly with the result.

The second, because of the media when selling the aesthetic, which is attributed only to women; that is why boys are afraid to appear feminine with this type of surgical procedure.