Enter Shikari unpack their psychic baggage at {“The Dreamer’s Hotel”}

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Hyper-evolving British rock unit Enter Shikari have delivered their first new music since the release of their 2017 album, The Spark. “The Dreamer’s Hotel” melds all of the band’s strengths into a captivating alloy further proving they can’t be stopped. The track was premiered on BBC Radio One DJ Annie Mac’s show this evening.

America is polarized and the UK is feeling the divisiveness of Brexit. Enter Shikari have come out with a message that resonates, regardless of your passport of origin. Starting with a mean over-modulated drum track and transforming into a melodic hook with a message, this might be the most compelling wake-up call you’ll get this year. “Meanwhile, back at the Dreamer’s Hotel,” Reynolds sings, “five stars, but all rooms are vacant.”

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Enter Shikari–frontman/synth op Rou Reynolds, guitarist Rory Clewlow, bassist Chris Batten and drummer Rob Rolfe–have progressed way beyond the rave-core roots of their early days. The scope of their influence of the past decade has not been lost on European listeners. When Shikari embarked on the 2014 Warped Tour, they made a significant impact on many bands whom they shared stages. With “{The Dreamer’s Hotel},” the band are hitting all the sweet spots, galvanizing listeners.  

Of course, Shikari clutching your shirt collar and shaking you out of complacency for three minutes simply isn’t enough. “{The Dreamer’s Hotel}” is a taste for the band’s next album, more details of which have got to be revealed shortly. In the meantime, heed frontman Reynolds, when he reminds us that “If love is blind, hatred is deaf/and well-fed.” Between this track and Rage Against The Machine’s recent reconvening, it looks like the resistance is truly summoning its heroes.

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