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IMCAP-ND News for 2014: New CMTE Training Course at Radford University!

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It’s been an exciting year for regarding the development of the IMCAP-ND. Currently the IMCAP-ND is undergoing inter-rater reliability pertaining to individual items, as well as scoring the rating scale as a whole. In addition, the IMCAP-ND is featured in the current  Music Therapy Perspectives in the form of a clinical article and book review. In addition, in June 2014, the IMCAP-ND manual  became available in the form of an E-book.

In regards to training, IMCAP-ND CMTE courses continues to travel throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. The first course took place in at Howard Community College, Columbia, MD. Then, in August, Molloy College in Rockville, NY hosted a course.

The last IMCAP-ND CMTE course of 2014 will take place at Radford University, Radford, VA on October 24th & 25! A special thank you to Noel Anderson for intiating and organizing this course and to Jim Borling and Trish Winter for hosting the conference at Radford University. Registration for this course is now open. 

This course will provide participants with practical knowledge of administering, scoring, and interpreting IMCAP-ND evaluations. In addition, participants will learn how to formulate and write of clinical goals, treatment plans, and evaluation reports. Furthermore, an overview of the application of musical and extra-musical protocols and procedures will be discussed. Didactic and experiential learning will be used throughout the course. Clinical video excerpts will be used to illustrate concepts and procedures. In addition to the 18 CMTE credits of in-person course learning time, the course will include 17 credits of post-course assignments (35 CMTE Credits). Assignments provide participants with the opportunity to practice while integrating IMCAP-ND into their own clinical work. Assignments also provide participants with the opportunities to develop a greater understanding of interpreting and analyzing scores, formulating goals, treatment planning, and writing comprehensive reports.

Scholarships are available for this course, as well as reduced registration for individuals who would like to  audit the course.

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