Jacobs Media’s Techsurvey 2020 – An Exclusive Presentation At Worldwide Radio Summit 2020 That You Have To See

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Fred Knows What You Need To Know To Win

One of the most important and popular yearly sessions at WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT is JACOBS MEDIA President FRED JACOBS and his comprehensive presentation of TECHSURVEY, sponsored by CHILDREN’s MIRACLE NETWORK HOSPITALS.

For our 10th WWRS, the ALL ACCESS team is working up killer agenda to celebrate this milestone. Come join us for WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT, MARCH 25, 26, 27 at CASTAWAY in BURBANK.

Make sure to join us at WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT 2020, and watch first-hand the exclusive public reveal of the largest online survey of listeners habits, TECHSURVEY 2020. It’s truly a must-see presentation. TECHSURVEY 2020 will be unveiled at WWRS 2020 on THURSDAY, MARCH 26th at 12:05P.

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The previous TECHSURVEY survey launched early in 2019 broke ground once again in the annual series that began in 2005. Overall, more than 500 radio stations across NORTH AMERICA, representing a diverse group of broadcasting companies, contributed more than 50,000 respondents to radio’s largest web survey devoted to media and technology.

Fourteen different formats were represented, helping programmers and managers focus their efforts and resources on what is truly important for their listeners. TECHSURVEY 2020 will provide even more insights as JACOBS MEDIA tracks media usage and tech trends.

 JACOBS MEDIA Pres. FRED JACOBS noted, “Our TECHSURVEY 2019 study from earlier this year once again revealed compelling data, both on a national level and among individual radio station audiences, to help broadcasters navigate the shifting media environment. As digital audio proliferates and with the rapid adoption of smart speakers, voice technology, and podcasting, this study also helps broadcasters better understand radio’s unique attributes crucial to thriving in the new media landscape. We’re looking forward to TECHSURVEY 2020 and another great turnout.”

TECHSURVEY 2020 will again feature trending so broadcasters can track the changes that occur with audience usage and habits from year-to-year, as well as delving into the following areas:

  • Further exploration into how generations impact behaviors and media choices
  • Smart speakers, the voice revolution, and how radio broadcasters can take optimal advantage of this opportunity
  • A continued deep look at the state of podcasting – who’s participating, how on-demand audio is used, preferred podcast genres, and their impact on over-the-air radio listening
  • Now that NIELSEN will be surveying its PPM markets to measure headphone usage, TECHSURVEY 2020 will include this topic, and break it down by formats to help determine the highest impact 
  • FACEBOOK is under immense pressure, and TECHSURVEY 2020 will explore whether it is impacting usage. And of course, the other key social platforms – TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, PINTEREST, SNAPCHAT, and TIKTOK – will be accounted for as well.  
  • Use of Internet radio, from station streams to PANDORA, SPOTIFY, iHEARTRADIO, APPLE MUSIC and others
  • A deeper look into mobile apps and their proliferation, including individual station apps, as well as iHEARTRADIO and RADIO.COM 
  • Privacy concerns and how they impact the way stations interact with their listeners digitally
  • Video games – who’s playing them and how radio broadcasters can take advantage of this explosive trend, including eSports
  • How listeners learn about and connect with their favorite stations using streams, websites, social media, smart speakers, podcasts, etc.
  • Connected cars, their continued growth, and their impact on media consumption and driving
  • The changing world of new music discovery

The public release of TECHSURVEY 2020 will premiere at WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT 2020, the 10th anniversary of this annual gathering, at the CASTAWAY in BURBANK, CA on MARCH 26th, 2020.

Stations can participate in two different ways:

  1. No fee – This allows participation in the results webinar, along with receiving national data
  2. A small fee based on market size – Stakeholder stations receive all the national data, participation in the webinar, as well as an in-depth look at their unique audience, their format’s audience, including their station’s “Media Usage Pyramid” and “Brand Platform Pyramid.”  

We are holding prices at last year’s levels to give everyone a chance to see their station data. 

Broadcasters can sign up online at and/or contact LISA RIKER at JACOBS MEDIA for more information: 248-353-9030 or [email protected]

For more information, contact: •FRED JACOBS, President; •PAUL JACOBS, Vice President; •JASON HOLLINS, Research Director at (248) 353-9030.

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Terrific Agenda With Fresh Topics, Lots Of New Speakers

Everyone at ALL ACCESS is working hard and putting the finishing touches on another terrific WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT 2020 Agenda. Again this year, it’s loaded with smart people and fresh names/faces. We are thrilled about the wonderful names who are already on-board, giving of their time and knowledge to speak!


At WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT 2020, we’ll explore so many important topics, like:

  • The future of broadcast radio 
  • Streaming music, video
  • Radio on demand
  • Podcasts
  • Social Media
  • Digital platforms
  • Branded iconic live music events
  • On-demand entertainment 
  • Radical new ideas for success
  • Music Metrics & Research
  • Syndication
  • Spoken Word
  • Branding
  • Imaging, VO/Production
  • Great radio war stories
  • Hear from some of the most amazing air talent sharing their secrets

Look at the terrific lineup of Tier 1 Speakers, 92 talented professionals so far, that we’ve lined up for you for WWRS 2020::


More speakers and thought leaders will be announced, soon!

More great names are signing up daily to speak and share their knowledge with you at WWRS 2020, MARCH 25th, 26th, 27th!

Get ready for WWRS 2020! It’s year number 10! A decade of WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT! If you have never attended make plans now.

Yes, WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT 2020, brought to you by ALL ACCESS, is all set for MARCH 25th-27th at CASTAWAY in BURBANK. We thank you so much for your support allowing our terrific yearly growth.  Come be a part of this annual learning and networking opportunity.

Save The Dates And Get Your Budgets Set To Attend WWRS 2020

WWRS 2020 will be held MARCH 25th-27th at CASTAWAY and is all part of CALIFORNIA ENTERTAINMENT WEEK kicking off with MUSEXPO MARCH 23rd-25th, also at CASTAWAY, from your friends at A&R WORLDWIDE.

We’ve gathered the best of the best from radio, music, social/digital from all over the globe for WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT 2020. Look for even more fresh, cutting-edge sessions with great information about content, metrics, personalities, tactical and strategic planning and the latest innovations in audio, technology and facts about your audience that you must have to continue to win.”

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Your feedback and positive support for WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT insures that WWRS 2020 will once again be the audio content learning event that you cannot afford to miss.

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Voting Is Open For WWRS 2020 Industry Awards

WWRS 2020 INDUSTRY AWARD VOTING is wide open! Have you voted for the finalist, yet? Time to weigh in with who you think deserves to win a coveted WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT 2020 INDUSTRY AWARD! You make the decision on who gets one of these coveted WWRS 2020 Industry Awards!  Only you can decide The Best Of The Best — who gets your vote to win a WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT 2020 Industry Award!

And the winners will be announced at the WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT 2020 INDUSTRY AWARDS LUNCHEON at 1P on FRIDAY, MARCH 27th at CASTAWAY in BURBANK, sponsored by MUSICMASTER!

WWRS 2020 Charity Golf Tourney

WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT 2020 kicks off on MARCH 25th with a Charity Golf Tourney at DEBELLE GOLF COURSE, benefitting MUSICIANS ON CALL and RIA’s RISING STARS FOUNDATION. And, KIIS/LOS ANGELES APD/MD BEATA MURPHY is this year’s Chairperson. Then that’s followed by a terrific welcome party at CASTAWAY, featuring three hit bands, lots of great food, wine and cocktails! Check out the WWRS 2020 Agenda, here.

Additional Details And More About The WWRS 2020 Agenda Are Coming Soon!

For more information, go to  Questions about registration, email [email protected] or JOEL DENVER.

Here is a look back at WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT 2019:

[embedded content]

We’ll see you at WWRS 2020.

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