QUIZ: How well do you know album artwork?

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Look at album artwork and match it to an artist and album. Seems easy, right? It might be more of a challenge than you think. Take our quiz to see how well you can identify the art gracing the front of these albums.

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More on album artwork

All Time Low is one of the most popular pop-punk bands of all time. All their lyrics are memorized, their melodies are whistled, and their albums are revered. But there is still a mystery to some.

Jack Barakat, lead guitarist for All Time Low just noticed a fan’s post regarding their smash album Nothing Personal and reissue of 2012 record Don’t Panic, gaining a little knowledge on his own band.

The tweet drops a little unknown fact about the Don’t Panic: It’s Longer Now! cover.

“Took me over 5 years of being an ATL stannie to realize the Don’t Panic cover is just the monster ripping through Nothing Personal and causing a catastrophic mess. Help,” the tweet reads.

To which Barakat replied with something not many of us expected: “Um okay, well it took me seeing this fuckin’ post. So shit, I win.”

Some claim vocalist Alex Gaskarth is behind it. Others think Barakat just may be oblivious to most things. But Gaskarth chimed in, playfully suggesting everyone blame Hopeless Records’ Megan Thompson.

Thompson revealed this was actually her first Hopeless project. She also chimed in on the thread, reminding Barakat that they discussed the hidden gem while she was making it.

The artist also dropped a fun fact, sharing that it “literally a bunch of chunks of ripped up album art crumpled and scanned and then pieced back together.”

Regardless of how it all came to be, this is a fun piece of All Time Low trivia you can drop on your friends when you see them next.

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