Scooter Braun Finally Breaks Silence On Taylor Swift Disagreement After Six Months

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When SCOOTER BRAUN finalized a deal to purchase BIG MACHINE LABEL GROUP via his ITHACA HOLDINGS LLC, (NET NEWS 7/1), that transaction touched off very public firestorm launched at BRAUN and BMLG’s SCOTT BORCHETTA by TAYLOR SWIFT over rights to her songs.

That continued to as recently as this past week (NET NEWS 11/15) where SWIFT complained publicly that she was being prevented from singing her music at the upcoming AMA’s, to just a few days back (NET NEWS 11/19) where SWIFT got clearance to perform her catalogue songs at the AMA’s.

According to CNN, BRAUN has finally broken his silence on TAYLOR SWIFT’s public statements of displeasure with him, his company and her former record label.

On THURSDAY (11/21), BRAUN, in his first public remarks about the situation since it began six months ago, called for “communication” with SWIFT. “I haven’t talked about this in six months, not once…and that’s hard,” Braun said on stage at THE HOLLYWOOD CHAMBER’s 2019 STATE OF THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY CONFERENCE. “It’s hard because when there’s a lot of things being said, and a lot of different opinions, yet the principals haven’t had a chance to speak to each other, there’s a lot of confusion.”

BRAUN continued, “The only good thing for me is that when you get knocked down on some stuff, you get to find out who your real friends are real quick. And watching some people in the industry who, you know, might smile in your face and then suddenly you’ve got a little dent in the armor and they come try to kick it in even more. It doesn’t bother me, but it just lets me know where I stand.”

For more on BRAUN’s thoughts on the dispute, click here.

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