Simple Creatures get sock puppet music video thanks to Alex Gaskarth

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music-video-thanks-to-alex-gaskarth-3.jpg" data-caption="[Photo via YouTube]">Simple Creatures sock puppets
[Photo via YouTube]

It looks like Simple Creatures are getting a sock puppet makeover thanks to Alex Gaskarth. After teasing a photo of himself and Mark Hoppus in sock-form, Gaskarth has released a, uh, unofficially official music video featuring the pair’s sock puppet counterparts.

Check it out below!

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It all started a few days ago when Gaskarth took to Twitter to share sock puppet versions of the Simple Creatures duo, complete with googly eyes.

Fans, and Hoppus himself, had a lot of questions.

 Last night, Gaskarth took to Twitter again to post, “I made a music video.”

Fans immediately began to question if the video involved the iconic sock puppets, with Hoppus still wondering what the hell Gaskarth was up to.

The teasers continued this morning with a “‘Upload to Youtube’ indeed” post that put fans on red alert.

One hour later, we were blessed with an “Alex Gaskarth Production.” A sock puppet remake of the Simple Creatures track, “Special.”

From Gaskarth’s iconic eyebrows to Hoppus’ black-rimmed glasses, you have to appreciate the details.

Check out the sock puppet remake below!

Clearly, Hoppus is impressed with Gaskarth’s handy-work.

We’re hoping to see more Alex Gaskarth Productions in the future, especially if they’ll maintain this level of quality entertainment.

What do you think of the latest Simple Creatures music video? Sound off in the comments below!

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