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Want to help set the direction of r/music? Apply to be a moderator! We’re “hiring.”

Posted On January 28, 2020 at 5:18 pm by / Comments Off on Want to help set the direction of r/music? Apply to be a moderator! We’re “hiring.”

The /r/music team is accepting moderator applications on a rolling basis for the next 30 days – we require that your account is at least 6 months old with 100 or more combined karma, and a track record of participating positively in /r/music.

Experience with the /r/toolbox extension, Automod, reddit bots, or CSS is a huge bonus but not at all necessary for joining the team. Weekend and evening availability is also a huge plus, but not necessarily required. We are not setting a limit to the number of new moderators brought on, so your application decision will not be based on how many other new moderators we may add.

/r/music is a large, unique community with unique rules and challenges. We know this role can be difficult and time-consuming at moments. We're looking for fresh, new perspectives, for new teammates who can work well with others, and for trustworthy individuals. We will likely ask you for personal information at some point (e.g., real name, email address, etc.), so please consider if you are comfortable with that prior to applying. Each application will be sincerely considered, and we appreciate your interest in volunteering as an /r/music moderator. No, this role isn't paid, and yes you will likely deal with some ugly stuff as part of it. But you will directly impact how this subreddit operates and it's impact on reddit as a whole.

We also recognize that this may not be for everyone. Should you join the team and decide this isn't for you, you are welcome to leave with no hard feelings. Similarly, we do operate with a probationary period for new moderators which gives us time to get to know them.

To apply, please submit responses using the linked Google Form (NOT AS A COMMENT IN THIS THREAD).

Things to remember:

  • Please only submit your application once.
  • We will review all applications and respond to those we accept, please refrain from asking us for updates.
  • Please only send your application via the form, not modmail or inboxes.

If you have any questions about the applications, you may ask them below. All comments not pertaining to the application process will be removed.

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