WWRS 2020 New Session: Spoken Word — Whatever Happened To Talk Radio? Learn What’s On The Horizon!

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Talk Radio Spoken Here!

Radio, in all forms, is a vital part of the global fabric of society, and the goal of WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT 2020 is to keep attention foused on the success stories and future opportunities. We’re about to give you the details on a new Session – SPOKEN WORD: “Whatever Happened to Talk Radio?”

Come join hundreds of your peers in Radio, Music, Social/Digital at WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT 2020, celebrating our 10th year, at CASTAWAY/BURBANK on MARCH 25, 26, 27.

To make it easier to attend WWRS 2020, here is all you have to do:

SPOKEN WORD: “Whatever Happened to Talk Radio?”

Join us on THURSDAY at 4:20P for this exciting session all about the future of one of radio’s most important formats: Talk Radio!

Talk remains one of the biggest radio formats, but the future is unclear. Has the format boxed itself into conservative political talk? Is podcasting the new talk radio? Is public radio the alternative talk radio? Has sports radio replaced “guy talk” radio? Is there room for less politically-oriented talk? Can AM stations find happiness reborn as streamers? Where has the audience for spoken word gravitated, and is broadcast radio up to the challenge posed by new media?

Just part of the strong WWRS 2020 AGENDA.

Terrific Agenda With Fresh Topics, Lots Of New Speakers

Everyone at ALL ACCESS is working hard and putting the finishing touches on another terrific WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT 2020 Agenda. Again this year, it’s loaded with smart people and fresh names/faces. We are thrilled about the wonderful names who are already on-board, giving of their time and knowledge to speak!


At WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT 2020, we’ll explore so many important topics, like:

  • The future of broadcast radio 
  • Streaming music, video
  • Radio on demand
  • Podcasts
  • Social Media
  • Digital platforms
  • Branded iconic live music events
  • On-demand entertainment 
  • Radical new ideas for success
  • Music Metrics & Research
  • Syndication
  • Spoken Word
  • Branding
  • Imaging, VO/Production
  • Great radio war stories
  • Hear from some of the most amazing air talent sharing their secrets

Look at the terrific lineup of Tier 1 Speakers, 92 talented professionals so far, that we’ve lined up for you for WWRS 2020:


More speakers and thought leaders will be announced, soon!

More great names are signing up daily to speak and share their knowledge with you at WWRS 2020, MARCH 25th, 26th, 27th!

Get ready for WWRS 2020! It’s year number 10! A decade of WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT! If you have never attended make plans now.

Yes, WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT 2020, brought to you by ALL ACCESS, is all set for MARCH 25th-27th at CASTAWAY in BURBANK. We thank you so much for your support allowing our terrific yearly growth.  Come be a part of this annual learning and networking opportunity.

Save The Dates And Get Your Budgets Set To Attend WWRS 2020

WWRS 2020 will be held MARCH 25th-27th at CASTAWAY and is all part of CALIFORNIA ENTERTAINMENT WEEK kicking off with MUSEXPO MARCH 23rd-25th, also at CASTAWAY, from your friends at A&R WORLDWIDE.

We’ve gathered the best of the best from radio, music, social/digital from all over the globe for WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT 2020. Look for even more fresh, cutting-edge sessions with great information about content, metrics, personalities, tactical and strategic planning and the latest innovations in audio, technology and facts about your audience that you must have to continue to win.”

WWRS 2020 Hotel Rooms Are Starting To Get Scarce!

Registration is open, so click here! Just $495 gets you three days of must-attend sessions, networking, music, plus three cocktail parties, two lunches and so much more.  Just click here to register for WWRS 2020.

Save money when flying to WWRS 2020 when you use AMERICAN AIRLINES Discount Code: A8630DE.

And, DELTA AIR LINES is pleased to offer special discounts for WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT 2020.  Please click here to book your flights. You may also call DELTA MEETING NETWORK® at 1.800.328.1111, MONDAY–FRIDAY, 7A to 7:30P (CT) and refer to Meeting Event Code NMTH4.

Your feedback and positive support for WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT insures that WWRS 2020 will once again be the audio content learning event that you cannot afford to miss.

There are three great hotels with discount pricing for you that are just five minutes from CASTAWAY by free shuttle or ride share services LYFT or UBER. Hurry, rooms are going fast.

401 S. San Fernando Blvd
P: +1.818.531.0658
Rooms from $187 a night
Reserve a room here!

321 Ikea Way
BURBANK, CA, 91502
P: +1.818.260.8787
Rooms from $204 a night
Reserve a room here!

549 South San Fernando Blvd.
BURBANK, CA, 91502
P: (818) 524-2730
Rooms from $204 a night
Reserve a room here!

Voting Is Open For WWRS 2020 Industry Awards

WWRS 2020 INDUSTRY AWARD VOTING is wide open! Have you voted for the finalist, yet? Time to weigh in with who you think deserves to win a coveted WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT 2020 INDUSTRY AWARD! You make the decision on who gets one of these coveted WWRS 2020 Industry Awards!  Only you can decide The Best Of The Best — who gets your vote to win a WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT 2020 Industry Award!

And the winners will be announced at the WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT 2020 INDUSTRY AWARDS LUNCHEON at 1P on FRIDAY, MARCH 27th at CASTAWAY in BURBANK, sponsored by MUSICMASTER!

WWRS 2020 Charity Golf Tourney

WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT 2020 kicks off on MARCH 25th with a Charity Golf Tourney at DEBELLE GOLF COURSE, benefitting MUSICIANS ON CALL and RIA’s RISING STARS FOUNDATION. And, KIIS/LOS ANGELES APD/MD BEATA MURPHY is this year’s Chairperson. Then that’s followed by a terrific welcome party at CASTAWAY, featuring three hit bands, lots of great food, wine and cocktails! Check out the WWRS 2020 Agenda, here.

Additional Details And More About The WWRS 2020 Agenda Are Coming Soon!

For more information, go to  Questions about registration, email [email protected] or JOEL DENVER.

Here is a look back at WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT 2019:

[embedded content]

We’ll see you at WWRS 2020.

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